Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact support?
How do I change my login?
How do I get to the login page?
How do I know when I’m logged in to Arch?
How do I add/delete/update a User (Global Admin Only)?
How do I change my password?

Readiness Checks

How do I check my AED for readiness?
How do I perform an AED readiness check?
What if I accidently answer NO to one of the questions?
What if my device shows it failed the readiness check or I have been contacted by Annuvia that it has failed but everything was in working order when I check the device?
How do I generate a report of all readiness checks for all the AEDs ? (Global Admins only)
What do the different color icons stand for?

User Information

How do I change my personal information?
How do I look at and/or update the expiration dates on my AED?
How do I check the certification status of a Responder?
How do I change my personal information?
How do I change a Responder’s information?
What if the AED icon is not in the proper place?
As a local or global administrator, how do I input responders and training into the training records on Arch?

Remote-Monitored AEDs

How do I set up remote monitoring for a ZOLL AED 3?

AED Unit Registration

What is a PSAP?
Why do you register AEDs with the PSAP?
How does ARCH know which PSAP to inform for each AED?

Buying & Billing

How do I contact sales and what are your business hours?
Do you have a department phone list?


How do I generate an expiring equipment report for the AED(s)?

CPR/AED Training

What if my name is misspelled on my email?
Do I have to complete a survey after a training course?
How can I learn more about other products and services you sell?

Support Network

I have a major change to my account. How do I contact support?
My account is missing an AED at its location. What do I do?
Are there any days/nights you want to plan for the site to be down?

General Questions

Do I need to remove the defibrillator pads before doing chest compressions?
How do I locate the Policies and Procedures for my AED program?
Is it okay to place the electrodes directly on a hairy chest?
Why is it so important to be sure that the defibrillation electrodes are firmly adhered to a clean, dry chest?
What if I don't perform all the steps of CPR and defibrillation perfectly?
I shocked a woman in cardiac arrest 3 times within minutes after she collapsed. I heard later that she did not survive. Did I do something wrong?
I placed the AED on a patient who had a cardiac arrest and the machine always prompted "No Shock Advised." Even with CPR, the patient did not survive. Why didn't the AED shock this victim?
If the patient is breathing and regains a pulse, should the victim be placed back in a seat?
What if the victim regains a pulse but is not breathing or is breathing slowly?
After I have successfully defibrillated the victim and a pulse has returned, do I keep the AED on the person?
Do all physicians and nurses know how to defibrillate?
How much of the patient's clothing needs to be removed to carry out defibrillation?
Can I defibrillate on or near a metal surface?
Can I defibrillate on a wet surface?
Should I use the AED if the patient has a pacemaker or is pregnant?
Do patients "jump" when a shock is delivered?
What are your business hours?
What if the patient has a medication patch on or EKG electrodes on the chest where I want to place the defibrillation pads?
Can I accidentally shock another rescuer or myself?
Can I be sued using the defibrillator?
If defibrillation is so important, why should I do CPR?
Should I do CPR first or apply the AED?
What if I forget the steps for using the AED?
What if I mistakenly apply the AED to someone who fainted but still has a pulse that I can't feel?
Will I hurt the patient by using the AED?
What's the difference between the AEDs and the defibrillators that are shown on TV?
What is an AED?
How is ventricular fibrillation treated?
What is ventricular fibrillation?
Who is at risk for sudden cardiac arrest?
Is sudden cardiac arrest the same as a heart attack?
What is sudden cardiac arrest?